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Poll functionality - viewing results on a closed poll

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Could you modify the poll functionality to allow results to be seen on closed polls please? I'm personally of the opinion that if a poll is closed then the results should be able to be seen.

"But, you can see the results on a closed poll, you numpty!!!!" I hear you say.

Nope, not in a specific situation such as this one:


  • Above indicated setting is in effect
  • Create a poll
  • Don't vote on the poll
  • Close the poll



  • Enable the indicated setting above



  • Disable the indicated setting above
  • Open the poll
  • Vote on the poll
  • Close the poll



Currently, you can only see the results of a poll if you have voted in the poll yourself, regardless of your level of access to the site (above was performed with a full administrator account, with no restrictions in place)

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