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Files section, image proxy help


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Hey there,

Sorry for bother you again with this topic... I'm a bit lost and I don't know if this is something that you guys can help me to solve or if I need to place a ticket for this.

The point is that my Files system is loading all images using somehow IPS's legacy proxy image. All the image URLs are like this:


That's not good for SEO as it's not able to cache as an static image resource.

All the images in my site are stored just as the Files screenshots system. In fact, they may be loaded statically just like this: https://www.fmsite.net/screenshots/monthly_2021_01/fmsite-fm21-real-name-fix-corregir-licencias.thumb.jpg.363b3512baedc1704ccac072b07b112d.jpg

Can you help me to fix this? Why the system is loading the image that way?

I've been searching and reached to this template bit: core->global->thumbImag. It is converting the URL using the legacy screenshot link.

The issue is in this line:

{{$image = ( $image instanceof \IPS\File ) ? (string) $image->url : $image;}}



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