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Facebook and Webpage embeds

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I know I read where the Facebook embeds is coming back to this platform (hopefully real soon), but what about webpages? When you post a link to a website or article in the internet, FB will generate the image and a short part of the article.

But here, a link is a link and that's it. Uninteresting and not eye catching. With more and more people trying to get away from Facebook, it would be nice to bring some of that "easy" functionality over to this platform and help make some of those transitions easy and seamless.

I just didn't know how hard that functionality was to achieve. 

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1 minute ago, Jordan Invision said:

Perhaps it could be native one day, but for now this should do the trick! 

I use this and it works for the vast majority of the time - sometimes, depending on the website, it just leaves the link in text format, but that's a rare occurrence.  Well worth the asking price and the author is excellent for support 🙂

You can also make some adjustments using CSS to get a better look.

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