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Post drafts aren't being remembered by ckeditor correctly

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Sometimes when typing a draft, I'll see that someone else has replied popup as a notification. I'll click that notification to see the new message and my post is lost when I go back to the editor. Othertimes, I'll go to reply to a new post and see that a previous post that I have already submitted is in the editor as my draft.

I've noticed this here on these forums as well as our own community. Anyone else? Is it just me?

I'd like to officially make a feature request that we fix this. Thanks.

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Do some more testing on your side using the developer console of your browser, and monitor the local storage item highlighted below....while I've been typing this, it has save MULTIPLE times (note the topic ID is used in the 'Key')


9 minutes ago, Paul E. said:

I'd like to officially make a feature request that we fix this

Found a bug? Log a ticket.

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Just did it here. Saw the editorSave.reply-forums/forums-xxxxxx key appear and disappear over and over again about once per second. Navigated away and came back to thread and confirmed that it did not populate with a saved draft.

Not sure why/how it happens. Just using plain ol' up-to-date Chrome with AdBlock Plus. I've seen the behavior on two computers and on mobile Chrome here and on our community, and have members raising the issue.

Would love to log a ticket if it's happening to anyone else.

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Posted (edited)

Sitting here with a console window open and watching local storage has proven insightful, @Nathan Explosion. Thanks for the tip.

Try composing a reply, hitting submit, and then compose another reply without reloading the window in the same thread. It is reproduceable across three machines and three different browsers.

Here's things as I type this reply:


@Jordan Invision, it would be lovely if you could get this defect reported.

Here's things as I type this reply to a reply after the magical ajax loads my reply above (these replies may get merged).

Note there's no editorSave entry.



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Post in a thread
  2. Submit a second post after someone else's content is loaded (Xxxx has posted. Click to show reply.) or attempt to add another reply to the thread without hard reloading the page.
  3. Note that ckeditor does not store a draft of your post.

This is especially problematic if the new reply is the first post on the next page. Clicking the link erases the editor content and there is no stored copy.

Edited by Paul E.
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Here's another, different example, of how this is broken:

After posting a reply to a thread, navigating away and looking at other threads, I clicked on a notification that someone had reacted, click on it, see the thread, then decide to add additional thoughts as a new reply. As soon as the editor expanded, I see the previous message I submitted eleven minutes ago in the editor saved as a draft, even though that should be gone now.


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