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CP-Admin: Avatar & Picture of client


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A member can send a photo/avatar for his/her profile. But it is not possible to have in the client tab to have a picture of the client that the administrator has updated and that cannot be modified by the member.

I would like the member to be able to send a photo or avatar at his or her convenience as at present and that in the client menu of the CP-Admin it is possible to put the photo to the client, since we usually have the name and surname of the person.


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Hi @Jordan Invision,

A member can send a "avatar" in his profile, for example you sent a picture of yourself, and I have a avatar by an logo.

In administrator mode you can see avatar this in tabs "Member View" and "Customer View" the same picture.

What I'm asking is that there is a difference:

  • "Member View" = Avatar (which can be mortified by the user as at present)
  • "Customer View"  = Real picture of user (or logo of company) and can only be updated by an administrator. (feature)
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