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Unique Database relationships


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When you add a database relationship, it would be nice if you can define it as unique so that only 1 record in that database can relate it to another in another database.

So I have Record 1 in Database 1

In Database 2 I want to associate Association 1 to Record 1 using the database Relationship field.

However once Association 1 is related to Record 1 I no longer want any other Associations in Database 2 to be able to use Record 1 for this field.

My use case. I have a master list database (Database 1) and then I have sub databases with associated data that needs to be unique per master list item.


Database 1 Record

  • Database 2 Association 1
  • Database 3 Association 1
  • Database 4 Association 1, Association 2, Association 3

In my case I have a master listing and 3 associated databases where 2 of them need unique listings per master listing (looking for affiliates and looking for staff) there is no reason a single listing should have more than one of each of those in the associated database.

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2 hours ago, Matt said:

You're twisting my melon, man.

I think I get it. I'm not sure it'll have wide appeal, but I'm happy to consider it for when we next break Pages apart.

lol. I could show you my three databases to explain why it is useful.

Basically I have my main directory:


With this I have 3 other directories that each have different purposes but are basically (in my case) like sub listings and these are:




Now the first two of them, when associated (as they don't have to be associated to the main directory) should be unique IF they are associated with the main directory. You only need 1 search for affiliates and 1 search for staff listing. However Character Wanted Ads you can and will have multiples.

The problem here is that when you create one and associate a main directory listing you can create another because there is no way, currently, to uniquely use a database relationship field.

While I use three databases this could be useful in other ways as well I'm sure.

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