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Access to furl controller on private board

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We are development an IPB app that expose and API to access the forums. It is working fine and we are testing it into a forum that is set as private Members->Groups->Guest->CanAccessSite = disable.
Of course with this configuration, a guest user cannot access our furl endpoint sitename.com/apiendpoint.
Is there a way we can make some code or configuration that guest can access always that /apiendpoint/* furls? of course our plugin in this case will return to our app that the site is not public and user must login, but we need our api respond that.

Any hint?

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Do you mean real apiendpoints using the IPS REST API or regular own controllers inside app/modules/front/... ?
If the latter, then you can use the Application::allowOfflineAccess method to control if the specific page should be accessible even in offline mode.


	 * Can view page even when site is offline
	 * @param	\IPS\Application\Module	$module			The module
	 * @param	string					$controller		The controller
	 * @param	string|NULL				$do				To "do" parameter
	 * @return	bool
	public function allowOfflineAccess( \IPS\Application\Module $module, $controller, $do )


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