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Disable unprivileged views of member profile info


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How can I manage what groups can see different aspects of member profiles?

For instance, for RSVP events, Guests should not be able to view a member's RSVP events. Or posts.

And same for all activity in a member's profile. How does an admin hide the purchases, or Pages Databases from a Member's profile? Or from all profiles?

I do not want guests to be able to view other members profiles and data unless the member (or an admin) has chosen to have them fully public.

How do I (as an admin) selectively allow the different Member Profile sections to be viewable or not? By Group, by section?



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This is a lovely feature request. May it one day appear on the radar of things.

Let's also throw in "Recent Visitors Block" -- that should be configurable as well. Maybe creepy stalkers aren't a thing in other places.

Well, however, you can control some of this. You'd need to control viewing permissions of the database level. If you want someone to be able to see businesses in general, they'll see it on profiles. If a usergroup can't see businesses at all, then it won't show anywhere.

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Thanks @Paul E.

Your Businesses example is for Pages Databases, and that make sense.
But in the context of how we're using Pages Databases like Businesses, a member will never create one, and therefore, a GUEST should not see that a every member has any Businesses anyway.

We have those creepy stalkers I'm sure, and showing the RSVPed events for every user seems a GIANT security hole.

Perhaps a template tweak will allow me to hide it for non-logged in users. Or maybe there is a hook/app?

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