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Being somebody that isn't very clued up on html and css, could somebody offer any advice or help to understanding pages/database etc?

I have bought pages. I have seen SuperGrid by Opentype but been told that I need a good understanding of databases etc to be able to make it work. I don't. 

I have messed around with it but can't seem to get it to work.

What I want to achieve...

Home page/landing page that has articles. The feed I want to come from a forum called "News & Rumours" so I can add articles in the main forum but when people for the first time or regularly  visit the website, they can see the articles , which may encourage them to register or contribute.

My understanding is that I need to add a page, create a database (is this the database of the articles?), then add a block to show the content?

Really struggling to get my head around it.

Off work this week and won't be getting another break for 3 months. Really want to try and get this sorted asap.

Thanks for any advice or help that you may offer 🙂

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It's still going, but I'll drop the link here - check back in 10 if the video hasn't uploaded.

It shows the following:
- Creating a page for the database
- Creating a database, and adding it to the page
- Creating a page for your landing page
- Adding drag and drop elements to show the streams.


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Makes much more sense now thanks. Only thing I can't fathom is that I have 2 pages. 1 to actually write the content, lets call it A and the second page which shows the feed , lets call it B, which I want as the landing page. How do I hide A from members as there's no point in them seeing that as they wont be creating news articles . Also will that affect them being able to read B? Finally I can go into Settings/Localisation/Languages/Translation Tools/Quick Translating and enable that so I can change "News Articles" to "Home" but how do I get it that it goes to that when someone loads the website and the menu across the top shows HOME / FORUMS / CALENDAR etc etc?


Don't want to take any more of your time @Matt , so anybody else know how I can achieve this? 




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