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Help: Group Members Don't See All Search Results?

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My main member group functions perfectly. When a search query is typed into the search bar, all results are showing.

That member group was copied to form the base for another member group that only has a different title and a group icon. No other changes were made to the copied group. But when you are a member of that group and search for the same query, only a couple of results are showing. I'm attaching screen shots of search results for the same words in three different groups. The original fully-functioning group shows 41 results on two pages. The problem group shows a total of six results. As a third test, I just copied the original group again and only changed the name. That group brings up no results (third picture).

I've checked permissions and basic group settings, but nothing is different. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

AAA All Results Showing in Original Group.JPG

AAA My Search Results as MEMBER.JPG

AAA Search Results in New Testing Group.JPG

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1 hour ago, opentype said:

Check the permission settings for the forums itself, not just the member group permissions. Those are independent things. 

I have done that, and they are all fine. I've used an account set for every group, as well as checking permissions on each forum, as well as in the group. All are set to show. It almost seems like it has to be a search engine issue/setting.

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