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"Server time may be inaccurate" warning in ACP

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Recently I noticed the following warning shown in ACP->Support->Something isn't working properly:


Although times look ok in my Community v4.5.4.2, I started to investigate and found out that in fact there's a configuration directive we can use in php.ini to set our default timezone:


But init.php replaces it in Community startup process, setting it to UTC-0:


Is this correct? This way I can only get rid of this warning if I set my server to UTC, right? Is it recommended?



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This means that the actual clock on your server appears to have drifted (in other words, it's 5:01 pm UTC right now, but your server's clock may be set to 5:45 pm or 4:30 pm, etc.). Make sure you are running something like NTP on your server.

This message is not regarding your timezone.

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