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Giving tag search the priority they deserve


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Currently, it's not possible to search for tags directly from the basic Search Box. The tag search is submerged in the second of third level of the advanced Search.

In a closed tag forum or even an open tag one, tags are critical to organize information, even more than the topic titles that can be very confusing and not even appear in the Search results with the variety of operators there are.

I've read that many others need a better approach when using tags for searching what we need.

An operator or symbol could be used to instruct the search that the word is s tag, there are many different approaches really. Tags are not given the importance they deserve. My forum has hundreds of categories, title search is not enough. Tags are a must and we can't search using them unless we waste time every single time since the tag filter is s few clicks away.

Hopefully, IPS and others will hear and support a much more user friendly approach to the use of tags for searching. A more direct tag search approach 

Thanks a lot

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