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Is there no way to mass delete spam accounts?

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I have 17 pages worth of spam accounts to delete and as far as I can tell I have to individually hit the X button one at a time to delete them





I know there is a "prune" command available if you do a filter/search on members, but there is no "banned" or "flagged as spammer" option on this filter.



The closest thing I guess would be "content count is exactly 0" however we have plenty of proper accounts that haven't posted yet that don't need to be wiped out.


Am I missing something obvious or has Invision never implemented a way to do this?

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As per the first reply - use the results filters to achieve the goal:

  1. Search for all accounts
  2. Click on the 'Spammers' filter in the results
  3. Click the 'Prune Members found' button
  4. Confirm the prune.


After search, but before filter, clicking 'Prune Members found' results in:


After clicking the filter, clicking 'Prune Members found' results in:


Click Continue and the accounts will be marked for pruning and cleaned up via the background tasks.

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No worries. The prune link appears after you perform a search. The search is hidden in the little gear icon to the right of where you typed the word "prune" in your screenshot. It's not very inuitive and it's understandable to be confused. I don't think it's a language barrier. Typically a gear doesn't mean "open search panel."

Once you click on the gear, you'll see a popup with all sorts of options. Keep everything just as it is (blank), and press the search button. Now click on the "Spammers" link to filter only Spammers.

Now for some mysterious reason only known to @Mark (he was young, coerced probably), you'll see a series of links on what you can do with the search results. One of them will be "Prune Members Found"

Things like this drive people insane. They're coming from a place of love, but have PTSD from so much exposure to idiosyncracies like this that they forget what it's like the first time to be exposed to the radiation.

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Maybe I am on my bad day, or maybe I am tired, but now I promise you I am not joking

So, there is two solutions

- we will stay in like this

- you will help a silly boy telling how to find the f...ing prune button


Ok I have just see your last post, I am going to try what you show in

I click on member


then I search for keyword PRUNE

then I click on Prune members found and then :



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No, don't type the word "prune" in the search box. Leave the search box empty.

When you click search, it will show you all your members.

Then, click the "Spammers" box.

You should now only see your spammers (the original 13 pages you showed in your screenshot.

Once you only see the spammer accounts, THEN click the Prune link. You'll see "this action will remove XXX members...."

Pressing continue will permanently remove the members you saw on the previous screen with no undo button. Make sure you only see your known spammer accounts.


Sorry, I'd provide screenshots but I'm on mobile.

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