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Small issue in the ACP under Pages menu


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@bfarber @Lindy I've got a small issue with the Pages menu in the ACP - there are blank spaces where links should be to view records:


The image above shows a faint highlighted area when moused over and this then connects to the records for a database.  I can manage the records via other links but these should be populated, any ideas?

As you can see in the image below from the console view that the H3 tag is empty


With thanks

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11 hours ago, Jordan Invision said:

 is this happening while using the default theme?

I'm using @ehren. Novus theme front end and the IPS Default theme backend.  I just deleted the default and reinitiated it and the issue remains. There was something else strange happened too, I installed @opentype Supervote, but wasn't happy with the end result, so uninstalled it and all my blocks on the home page disappeared - not sure if this was related or not.  I only noticed the missing ACP links when I went to sort out some records.  Weird or what?

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