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Rest API : Allow filtering on databases custom fields


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Hello !

Today we have an endpoint to get all records from a database with the Rest API

  • /cms/records/{database_id}

Some usefull parameters are available, to get records from a catagory, or to sort by a default field.

But there is some lack. It could be very nice to allow the Rest API users to do more things : 

  1. To filter the records according to a default field (even if we can use the core search endpoint, but which is limited to title/content) and for custom/complex fields .
  2. To sort by a custom field

This kind of filtering probably already exists in IPB, because we can add filters in IP Boards databases, with requests like

  • ipboard.com/games/?advanced_search_submitted=1&&csrfKey=XXX&content_field_54[1]=RPG&&sortby=record_publish_date&sortdirection=desc&record_type=all&time_frame=show_all


What do you thinkg about it ?


Thank you !

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