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    • By Steve Bullman
      Can someone point me in the direction for the template for /subscriptions/ please?
    • By Nigel Moore
      Hi, how do I setup a digital download store for my users?
      Similar to this one https://invisioncommunity.com/features/downloads/
      My current IPB version is Invision Community v4.5.4.2
      Thank you
      -Allan of Nigel's Team
    • By HakanYagiz
      How can i hide "categories block" from store page ?
      Actually, I wanna show only products at store page. I don't wanna show any block in this page.
      is this possible ?
    • By Owdy
      I use pages, and database page is site default page. I dont know what happend, but suddenly database stopped use that template what was confugured. And i dont even find anymore how to change that template.

      This is what it should use:

      But that isnt in here anymore

      What happend?
    • By Richard Arch
      I wonder if this is a bug.  The included rss feed for Upcoming Events from a calendar works without issue but when I create my own from System > RSS Feed it does not work.  It looks like the link isn't correctly formed, there are some square brackets along with CDATA.  Is the right?

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