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Erro 503


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Good morning,

My forum was working fine this morning, i've just logged on and i'm getting Error Code 503, I am unable to log into AdminCP too so not sure what the problem is. I've emailed my host just incase its a problem their end. Another app on my server is working so I think it may be a Invision Forum problem. Are there any tools available to find out what is causing the error code and possibly disable all plugins?

Many Thanks

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Just an update.

I managed to fix the problem by changing my php to version 7.3 from 7.4. maybe PHP 7.4 was upgraded and stopped the site from working.

Just now, Mark Round said:

What’s url of your site , might help us to see if the error persists 

It is www.myfootballforum.com but like I say it's sorted now. 👍

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