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How to disable dangerous functions?

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I have a VPN that I can manage though WHM. 

I tried to disable the listed dangerous functions, but it didn't seem to work.

I went to cPanel --> MultiPHP INI Editor --> Editor Mode --> Home Directory and added this to the bottom:
disable_functions = exec, system, passthru, popen, proc_open, shell_exec

Then back to WHM --> Terminal --> service httpd restart

These functions still are listed as enabled.

I'm sure I did something wrong, suggestions?

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Not familiar with WHM, however if you can edit your php.ini, that's where you'd add the disabled_functions line.


This appears to be related to what you're trying to do, and it sounds similar to what you've tried.

Are you using php-fpm? If so, you'll need to restart the php-fpm service.

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WHM - Web Host Manager.  It allows me to control the server level settings.  A dangerous thing for someone like me.  I don't understand putty or SSH, I have a tool called Terminal that is similar.

I have separate sites listed, each with their own cPanel.  I followed the steps above to edit the php.ini file that controls the individual site, then I (think) I restarted the service by going to Terminal and running service httpd restart.

Not sure what php-fpm is or how to restart it.

I am just a guy running some hobby sites and wanted to remove this message from my ACP.

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