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Incorrect Meta og:type added for each Pages database record?


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In viewing the code for Pages database records, the open graph meta tag og:type is added for each display record:

<meta property="og:type" content="object">

This is true of all our different databases records.

I cannot find reference to an og:type of object and should be at least one of the types listed at the open graph spec:

How do I change or modify the content value?

And where is it coming from so that I can change or specify the correct value: in my case either "website" or "article"

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Thank you @bfarber

We're using 4.4.x b/c we cannot upgrade until one of our relied upon plugins is updated - which may not be for a long while.

Is this the type of bug that gets retrofitted to a 4.4 release? Though it is technically not security, it is an issue that may cause social data sharing issues.

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