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(NE) browser-update.org integration

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"(NE) browser-update.org integration" will provide you with the ability to present a notification to users of "out of date", insecure and/or unsupported web browsers, providing those users with guidance on how to update their browser.

Notification functionality is provided by https://browser-update.org/, based on the configuration elements enabled in the settings of the plugin or application.

Plugin (free)


Support for the free plugin is strictly limited to the following:

  1. guidance on configuration, via direction to the relevant information on https://browser-update.org/
  2. support for the code used within the plugin only, which is:
    • a hook on the core -> front -> global template, to implement the relevant code to load the browser-update JS code and implement the configuration applied via the plugin's settings
    • a settings page to allow you to configure the integration


DEMO: Test mode enabled, checking for IE only

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8 minutes ago, Unleashed2k said:

Where are the options supposed to be?

All depends on which one you are using - you are using the free plugin, so you go to the Plugins listing and edit the setting right here:


21 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Thanks - I'll take a look later when I get home. Can you PM me the 'Other' tab please?

This is a confusing one - the hook to load your configuration content is displaying the default value of the final settings for the configuration, which is an empty JSON array:

<script type="text/javascript"> var $buoop = [];.....

But your 'Other' tab content which you sent to me shows that the content is being created by the application - and therefore should be getting loaded in that hook.

If possible, can you throw me ACP login details for your site so I can have a look at the settings a little closer?

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v1.0.6 has been submitted for approval, for the following:

    • In Settings, I have made the API Version field ('Other' tab) editable so that it can be kept up to date without the release of a new version of the application being required
    • Minor language string updates to describe the above, along with changes to linked URLs so that they now open in new tabs/windows

Following upgrade, simply save the settings again to update the API version to 2021.03

Users of the free plugin are encouraged to edit their configuration to update the API version value in their configuration to reflect the current version.

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