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How to Make 728 X 90 Google Standard Ads Responsive?

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At the top and bottom of my website i've added custom blocks of Google Adsense code. See screenshot below. From this photo you can see the top part of my site where there's a standard sized 728 X 90 google advert. This is just one of googles "standard" sized adverts which isn't responsive. I thought the advert was fine when viewed on larger screens i.e. Desktop PC, until I began viewing my site on my mobile phone and part of the advert when viewed in Portrait mode was cut out! The square ad you see on the right side is a custom block "Responsive" google advert within my side bar and for some reason, these look great on all screen sizes. 




To try and solve my problem, I changed the custom block google ad at the top of my page from 728 X 90 to one of googles "Responsive Ads".  See image below...



The "responsive" ad appeared much better on a small screen size (mobile phone) but when viewed on a larger screen (desktop pc), the "responsive" advert appears MASSIVE and shifts my main page content down too far and just looks stupid!  Its extremely important I have google ads within custom blocks at the top and bottom of my site on all pages but if I keep the "Responsive" ad code , visitors to my site will just leave straight away. Aesthetics is important to me, and google ads need to be placed carefully. The "Responsive" google ad within my right side bar works great, however, the top and bottom custom blocks simply don't work for "responsive" google ads unless you don't care about the appearance of your website on larger screens but I do. 

Surely there must be a way for me to use the 728 X 90 standard google ad code and make it responsive within the custom block? I thought custom blocks automatically made content responsive, I guess I was wrong. This is another feature of IPS which I hate. IPS promote the ability of adding google ads on your site but what they don't disclose are these problems which haven't been thought about and fixed!

Is there maybe a way to just use the "responsive" google ad code and perhaps make the top and bottom blocks no bigger than 728 X 90? This would then hopefully stop the responsive ad code from getting too big.

Any help would be appreciated.




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Ok I believe I've solved my own problem.

I don't need to use the standard 728 X 90 ads. I can just use the "responsive" ads by Google. Within the responsive google Ad code there is the following section...


Change to...


That little tweak only affects large screen desktop computers and is perfectly fine to do so you don't need to worry about being banned from google adsense.

So after making the small change, my ads at the top of my website now look more like 728 X 90 size but are still responsive in small screen sizes. So win win.

I was going to delete this topic but thought I'd leave it, in order to help others who may experience the same issue as I.

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I followed Googles suggestion on tweaking their ad code...




Anyone have further suggestions? Because ads show up fine on desktop but mobile phone ads don't show up. Large space is there indicating that an ad is about to appear but doesn't.

Any ideas?

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