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Idea: Community Wrapped

Real Hal9000

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Happy new year,

I really like some posts I get from services like Spotify and Hootsuite which shows my use of the service during the year. For example I'm sure you know Spotify shows you every December (it's calling it Wrapped 2020) which songs were your favorites one, which genre you liked more, how many minutes you heard music and so many other interesting stats. 

It will be interesting to have a similar feature where a user of our community could visit a page and see specific stats about him and his presence in the site. Some examples could be "how many posts/topic you've creates", "how many reactions you've used", "how many pm's you've send", "which forum category you posted most of your messages", "which file you downloaded more", "your most popular message" etc. It could also be nice if the feature could be expanded in order to support 3rd party apps.

Just my 2 cents.

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