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Widget improvement with "More" button


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The Recent updated is one of my most visited widget, but in case more than 10 updated apps I will lose the rest of them. 

Example for recent topics widget by default with 10 topics, I would like have a "more" button in the end, each time I use the button it will show 5 items more, so I can use it to enlist to more topics. 

By each enlist more action, it should be show a "condensed last action" Button, if the "More" button enlisted more than one time, then show "back to default" button too. If I just want to go back last time "More", use "Condensed last enlist action", if I want to go back to the default widget status, use "Back to default". 

For widget that can not show more items than the unique content, the "More" button can be use as redirect button, so we can place a redirect link where we like the member discover easier. Or just to show rules something like announcements. 


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