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Feedback: Great feature - well executed


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First time I've really seen the new sidebar topic summary in action. Works really well especially on multipage threads.It gives a real flavour of what the thread is all about.



Just a thought on this, it works so well that I am wondering whether something similar couldn't be used in topic lists. I've got a feeling it would do a better job than what we currently have:





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On 1/8/2021 at 11:14 AM, Matt said:

Appreciate the feedback, thanks!

We're constantly looking for new ways to improve content discovery. There are already widgets you can use to show popular content when viewing a topic list but we're definitely open to any ideas.

Would be really great to have slightly more control over the widgets. For example, on our community, we'd love a recent activity block that:

  • Showed the name of the thread, but with the avatar and username of the person who just posted in it (rather than thread creator).
  • Showed the forum section where the thread is (so in this case, would have a small label saying 'feedback & ideas').

Additionally, perhaps some way to incorporate a user's custom activity stream within a sidebar block. The activity streams are such a great feature, but underutilised when buried away within the activity page. Having user's be able to see a shortlist of their chosen content (based on their own settings) right there on the homepage sidebar would be brilliant.

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