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Words have power.  

Words have meaning.  

Words have consequences.  

As forum administrators and community managers, we know firsthand the awesome power of our words.  Our words can elevate, inflame, rip apart, and unite our communities. Choose your words carefully.    




Also, this is what you get for not hosting your own fan community.  That's the real lesson here.  

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The thing is the individual you speak of has a platform that was never utilized to any "good" effect:


Instead he chose to utilize platforms not of his own to communicate (???) with his "base" and completely ignoring the fact he represents "all" Americans and should be looking out for all our collective best interests.

What can we take away from the past five years? Every vote counts and we need to encourage "the best of us" to step up and run for offices at all levels of government.



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I know this is not a politics forum. Yet, just my two cents, from a country in the other side of atlantic (Portugal).

It is absolutely incredible what has happened in the US in the last 4 years. I am not a leftist or rightist, i would consider myself a "centerist". I was astonished yesterday seeing what was happening. I could expect that from any 2nd or 3rd world country where democracy isn't well established. I could never expect that to happen in the US.

I cannot understand why the american people could just shrug and let such a guy erode what is the model of democracy for the entire world. This is the symptom that something is really bad in the american society. Republicans just applauded (no matter what some dissent voices like Romney, McCain, Bush warned against) because it is "their candidate"). Don't people have a brain to think by themselves and forget the "party badge"?

I could not vote on a candidate of my party who was a liar, didn't show his financial statements (everyone knows that much of its fanfare wealth is fake), who didn't pay taxes while the average joe has to pay them. Everyone knows the Russian has been making all efforts to subvert american democracy and supported Trump by seeding fake news everywhere, amplifying suspicions on other candidates. Russia will always support the most extremist candidates, because they know that extremist forces destabilize a society. Yet half of the americans seem to don't care as long as their candidate wins. They couldn't care less if Russians are meddling with their way of life, with their democracy. Maybe my perception is not right...

For their side, some democrats have been pushing a "far left" agenda in some social topics. Can't both parties try to balance their positions so that there are no harsh movements in the evolution of US society that can feed resentment? Better slow and together, than fast and alone...

This kind of "us against them" thought is ripping appart the US society. It's what ISIS does to generate unrest: polarize and divide. 

Trump has no respect for democracy, no respect for other people, no respect for nothing. He should have been ousted long ago. He doesn't want to play the democratic game. He is a narcisistic, crazy guy which divides people, divides a country. Although i could support some of his positions, his speech, his communication, his failure to consider the "other that is different than me" would be enough for me to vote on any more moderate alternative.

I'm not US fan #1, but i do not want to see the US to implode, the alternatives for world leadership are well worse. I prefer democracies than dictatorships.  I just can't believe that almost half of the americans prefer a dictator that is on the verge of destroying the US.

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I appreciate that this is a very sensitive subject. I welcome thoughtful discussion and friendly disagreements on points of view. I've enabled post approval for this topic just so we can slow it down and keep it calm.


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