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Gallery and Blogs locked after update from 4.5.4 to 4.5.4.X

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I'm not totally sure about this, but will say anyway.

I got Gallery and Blogs disabled on my live board. After upgrade to yesterday, they got locked because they remained in 4.5.4:


Now I have to downlload the package and upload both apps.

I tested the upgrade on my dev board and worked fine because no app was disabled.

As I said, not sure it is the cause. Just to let you know.

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We've already fixed this issue, but if you're seeing it you can go to <your-url>/admin/upgrade and run the process from there. Effectively, the upgrade has already ran, it just hasn't updated the version numbers for those apps.

For future readers: re-running the upgrader for this specific issue between 4.5.4 and is safe, but if you have any other upgrade issues you should submit a ticket.

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