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    • By ReyDev
      This app allows you to change the IPS Default Menu to Advanced Dropdown Menu using tons of customization options.

      Features :
      Main menu  Enable |Disable Enable mobile device mode  Use custom theme color Set menu height Background and Link color Hover color (Background and link color) Logo Enable | Disable Set logo image Set alternative text Set image padding Set link Submenu Submenu width Distance  between main item and submenu container Background color Link color Hover color (Background and Link) Shadow Border (width | color | radius) Item height Item separator Animation type(fade, zoom ,...) Animation timing (ease, cubic,...) Animation duration RTL supported Mobile device supported Adding the MORE button Automatic management of directions Icon management Enable | Disable Icons Specify icon for MORE button | Enable | Disable Enable placeholder [empty space for items with no icon] Enable | Disable Mobile navigation icons General Menu items supported Account items supported
      Show language and theme items in the navbar on mobile device
      Ability to add the theme and language icons at the topbar [Desktop mode]
      Ability to add the theme and language icons at the userbar [mobile devices] 
      Move the mobile menu icon(Hamburger icon) to the menu bar Ability to set the navigation position: Default  Fixed Sticky when scrolling up Enable/Disable the header Add custom Font awesome icon Use Sticky navigation on top in desktop mode Align the title on mobile devices Show/Hide the Breadcrumb  [Mobile devices] Add label to the menu items to make them stand out Enable | Disable Multilanguage text font color font size background color RTL supported Mobile devices supported You can see and try DEMO.
    • By Songstuff
      Maybe it’s happened and I just missed it. I see requests at least as far back as 2016. Google punishes sites that fail in core vitals and AMP support is a big part of achieving them. Google has a long history of prioritising sites that use it’s tech, especially if it is latest tech. To me, if you implement anything else, at a minimum AMP support is not only sensible, it is essential.
      PS if I just missed it’s inclusion in features or the road map, sorry! Mobile on my invision forum is the only core vital any of my sites fail in. I run many sites using different platforms (mainly Wordpress) on a variety of hosts. It’s really frustrating!
    • By ReyDev
      Vala Story is an app that allows members to share their moments, interests, joys, portfolios, etc. with others through images and videos by allowed formats on your board and make them more interactive with title and link.
      Please use this topic for support request or suggest new ideas.
    • By Fosters
      I'd like to thank @Joel R and @TheSonic for all their help and support.
    • By ReyDev
      Please use this topic for support request or suggest new ideas.
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