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Server Requirement -InnoDB Table - Dynamic


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I logged in to my community AdminCP and received the notification (see attached image) the server doesn’t meet recommendations that InnoDB Tables are using compact row format.

I have self hosted forums. I contacted my hosting and asked them to change InnoDB Tables to use dynamic and they said this is only possible under a dedicated hosting plan which is out of my budget. My site is 8 years old and I always had IP Forums with no problems.

Given the situation, I would like to request that please don’t make this requirement mandatory or customers like myself will have no option other than to migrate to other platforms.  I am very sad right now. I don’t want to move from IP but this message is something that I can’t do anything. My hosting is with FatCow.




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5 hours ago, L4D2Noob said:


set global storage_engine=MYISAM


This would change the engine to MyISAM, not InnoDB, and would not address the row format that the message displays. I would not recommend going to MyISAM from InnoDB to make this message go away. You run a much higher risk of data loss and corruption with MyISAM over InnoDB.

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