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cURL Installed And Running But Not Working Properly?

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I have the Rich Discord Integration plugin and it used to work great, that is when I was using cPanel and Apache, but ever since I changed servers and now use Plesk and Nginx it does not work,  I asume it is a cURL problem as I have a Wiki to Discord extensin for MediaWiki that also requires cURL to run and it ran fine prior to the server move, as well as recently installing a Wiki to Twitter extension that requires cURL and it does not work.

I run my sites on a VPS and do anything that it requires to fix this, I just don't know or understand how to fix it, I have been trying on and off for about a year to sort it out and have been having no luck.

Thanks for any advice ❤️

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If it helps, this is the error I get when posting an article on the forum that triggers the forum to Discord plugin:

GET /forums/topic/6325-test-article/ HTTP/1.0 - Apache SSL/TLS access

And this is the error I get when using MediaWiki when triggering the Discord and Twitter extensions:

GET /ps5devwiki/index.php?title=Testpage HTTP/1.0 - Apache SSL/TLS access

Both errors look similar.

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