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How to confirmedDelete() in Ajax

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23 minutes ago, CodingJungle said:

                    type: 'confirm',
                    icon: 'question',
                    message: ips.getString('some_message_string'),
                    buttons: {
                        ok: ips.getString('ok'),
                        cancel: ips.getString('cancel'),
                    callbacks: {
                        ok: function (e) {

you can use the ips.ui.alert, put the ajax callback inside "ok" that actually sends the ajax request for delete.

I do exactly that.
But the problem is using the confirmDelete() method. That means there is no need to use this method in the controller ?!

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1 hour ago, Daniel F said:

what's in your callback?

I would suggest to take a look at the Request:.confirmedDelete function to see what it is actually doing;)


I think, after confirmation by ips.ui.alert.show, I should add this query (wasConfirmed = 1) to my ajax URL.

I tested. it works. That is correct ?

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Adding that parameter will effectively tell the backend confirmedDelete() method that the request was confirmed.

The typical manner of doing this is to add the data-confirm attribute to the link, and then call confirmedDelete() on the backend. Don't forget to use a CSRF check if appropriate (which is most likely the case if you are deleting something through a GET request).

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