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WidgetBot IO not functioning

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Hi all!
I'm trying to install Widgetbot IO on my site. Widgetbot is a Discord bot, and installing it adds a Discord icon in the corner of your site which can be clicked and expands into a small chat window containing your Discord server. It requires pasting a small chunk of Javascript code ideally before the closing body tag. An example looks like this:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@widgetbot/crate@3" async defer>
  new Crate({
    server: '299881420891881473',
    channel: '355719584830980096'

Given that I no longer have a manual theme, but an easy mode editor theme, I opted to paste the code inside of a custom widget, using this plugin: Advanced Custom Widgets.

The result is that the button appears in the lower right corner, but clicking it to expand the Discord server results in an empty widget, as picture in the attached image. I've tried switching the theme to manual mode and pasting the script directly before the closing body tag, and it produces the same results. I use Cloudflare for a CDN and creating a page rule is an option.

I've seen a couple IPS sites use this widget, so I know it's possible. I'm just wondering what's preventing it from working in my instance. Any help appreciated, thanks!


discord widget.png

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lol yea I know Widgetbot is like that, but it's working fine on my local ide. 

I just inspected the button and no the Javascript is not showing up there...
Is it possible that IPE maybe removing the Javascript code segment? ...would it still do that if the JS is directly in the html template?

If it's cloudflare... which I agree, sounds like the likely culprit, do you know how to get around that?

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