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    • By NightOwlHacks984
      Fb chat wants me to add a snippet of code to my website to add fb chat plugin. Where would I add this snippet of code exactly to get it working? tyia
    • By Jai Haze
      So how come when you set up a new topic with the invision zapier plugin it wont post the youtube link as a thumbnail to be played? I have to actually go in and edit the post and then it turns it as an embedd. Is there a way to override this?
    • By Jai Haze
      I have 2 legacy licenses and cannot figure out aside from contact us which leads me back thru the loop of not being able to send emails to download them. How do i download my old 3.4 versions with the legacy licenses.
    • By hpcrazy
      Hey guys,
      I just installed the " Download " application. I just want to make the " Admin " able to upload and sell files. Been searching for a while now - any help where I can adjust those settings ?
      Thanks for your help in forward.
    • By Nathan Explosion
      What is it
      This adds Facebook's "Chat plugin" functionality to your site, allowing your configured visitors to initiate Facebook Chats with your Facebook page.
      Simple - it adds the code provided by Facebook to your theme without the need to edit the theme itself. All you have to do is provide your Facebook Page ID to the plugin's settings.
      But how do I do that?
      Well, first you do the following (correct at the time of posting this, and will be updated as and when Facebook change their instructions):
      Go to your Facebook page In the 'Manage Page' column, locate and click 'Settings' In the 'Page settings' column, click 'Messaging' Scroll to the 'Add Messenger to your website' section, and click 'Get Stared' On the resulting page, you should be in the 'Chat plugin' section. Click 'Set up' and then follow the prompts to: Set your language Add your site domain Copy the code (you'll need this soon) Paste the code (just pretend you've done it, click 'Finish') You can configure the chat plugin further, if you wish, via the 'Customise your Chat plugin' section Then you look at that copied code, find the line that contains the 'page_id' chatbox.setAttribute("page_id", "123445523342432376"); The series of numbers in there is, surprise surprise, your Facebook Page ID: 123445523342432376 So copy it and add it in the relevant field in the plugin settings in the ACP.  
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