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    • By NightOwlHacks984
      Fb chat wants me to add a snippet of code to my website to add fb chat plugin. Where would I add this snippet of code exactly to get it working? tyia
    • By Jai Haze
      So how come when you set up a new topic with the invision zapier plugin it wont post the youtube link as a thumbnail to be played? I have to actually go in and edit the post and then it turns it as an embedd. Is there a way to override this?
    • By All Astronauts
      On PHP 8 the opacity option for the HexToRGB plugin is failing:
      if ( isset( \IPS\Theme::i()->settings[ $opacity ] ) ) { $opacity = \IPS\Theme::i()->settings[ $opacity ]; } /* If a regular setting key has been passed in, then use that as the opacity */ if ( isset( \IPS\Settings::i()->$opacity ) ) { $opacity = \IPS\Settings::i()->$opacity; } If you pass through a standard setting (not theme setting), on the theme setting check you'll get crashes with an undeclared constant:
      Undefined constant "IPS\Theme\my_transparency_setting" This may, or may not, have been happening IN_DEV for years, but it's now in production on PHP 8 as well (reported the IN_DEV hitch YEARS ago, was told working, and have been routing around it with an IN_DEV plugin since then that just makes the check for the setting opacity first and then just does the numerical conversion there before passing to the output plugin)
    • By Jai Haze
      I have 2 legacy licenses and cannot figure out aside from contact us which leads me back thru the loop of not being able to send emails to download them. How do i download my old 3.4 versions with the legacy licenses.
    • By CodingJungle
      DownloadsPlus takes the default IP.Downloads and propels it to the max!  With a slew of new features, additions, and enhancements, it transforms your Downloads application into a one-stop shop for informational details, client support, and customer service.  DownloadsPlus provides awesome new features that expand your Downloads application.  No more support tickets in IP.Commerce.  No more questions and topics in IP.Board.  No more bugs in a custom tracker in IP.Pages.  No more searching for questions, problems, and tickets in multiple areas.  DownloadsPlus bring all of these resources together into a single spot directly accessible in IP.Downloads, which allows you to efficiently and intelligently manage all of your files directly from the file itself!   Buy the new DownloadsPlus application and supercharge your Downloads app!  
      Do you want to empower your members to ask questions and receive detailed answers from other users before buying a file?   Do you want to provide better service by building a support system into the file manager?   Do you want a clean layout that packs all of these enhancements plus the default IP.Downloads information into a tighter space for mobile efficiency?   DownloadsPlus is designed for communities with an extensive file system that sell or distribute files and want to find a smarter, faster, and more efficient method to support users! 
      DownloadsPlus contains multiple new features in both the ACP and front-end.  Some of its major new features include:
      Support System - Build a support ecosystem around each file, which makes it simpler and easier to provide immediate assistance to users.  The support system contains advanced features such as auto-resolve, status updates, and private / public tickets. Q&A System - Build a question and answer system dedicated to each file, so members can ask questions before buying.  Other users can answer the question or identify that they have the same question too.  Admins can always control the answers (if incorrect or misleading) by deleting answers.   Tutorials - Build tutorials for each file. New Features in the Downloads ACP setting:
      Auto-Resolve Time Status Update settings Enable Stores Limits for "Author's Other Files" Dplus Mailer Features added to each download's category ACP setting:
      Enable Questions Question Permissions Only owners can answer questions Enable Support Require purchase before supporting  Support Permissions Tab order Enable Tutorials Features added to each file's front-end:
      Details on its own tab Changelog on its tab Q&A is a new tab Notifications when answered Multiple answers "I have this question too" by other users Remove question / remove answer  Support is a new tab Create new support report "Click and hold" to edit support title Version requirement on support tickets Follow and Notification preferences  Public or Private tickets Filters to show only tickets you desire Tutorials File Author can create Tutorials for their file Reviews on its own tab visual stats Comments on its own tab Author's Other File (shows a carousel of author's other files). All of these features natively integrate with your existing permissions, so it works seamlessly with your IP.Downloads.
      Geek out with other cool features in DownloadsPlus:
      Auto Resolve - An advanced feature of the Support system.  Auto-Resolve is a setting to automatically close a ticket in X days if no response.  For example, if you have a support ticket where the last response is from the downloader and X days have transpired, the ticket is automatically marked as "Closed."  If you have a support ticket where the last response is from the uploader and X days have transpired, the ticket is automatically marked as "No Response."   Statuses - An advanced feature of the Support system.  Statuses can be customized to provide a built-in tracker for issues.   HOW TO INSTALL
      Please install or update like any other application.  
      Navigate to ACP > System > Site Features - Applications.   Click on "Install" Select the TAR file and install.   REQUIREMENTS
      This file requires IP.Core and IP.Downloads.
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