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[Paid Request] Game server Whitelisting Automation

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I am looking for a way to automate server whitelisting to our Dedicated game server(s).  The way I would imagine this working seems pretty straight forward, but I don't have the capacity to learn the API connections for it.  Example workflow.

1. User makes donation or subscription on site (from the Commerce application)

2. During that process, the user is required to supply their Steam64ID

3. This information would then be used to create a whitelist entry.

This is where it gets a little tricky.  We could write directly to a .txt file that the server would point to for remote whitelisting.  OR, it would connect to the dedicated servers management API and write the information to the correct list.  The latter would be ideal.

If you would be interested in this project please let me know what your going rate would be.


Thank you

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