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Using Zapier to create a new member in Invision community

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I have set up Zapier between my learning platform and IC in order to set up a new member when a new enrolment on course. During setup in the form on Zapier, it asks you to complete what information to be added to the IC record - name, email etc.

It also enforces that you enter a password. I cannot get past this.

what I want is for the member to be able to receive an email asking them to set a password instead of me sending a default password to them (which will end up being the same password for all new members until they change it).

if I add a member in the admin CP then this functionality is available.

is there anyway to make this work via Zapier?



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7 hours ago, Paul E. said:

In the interim, or alternatively, this sounds like a good use for OAuth. Is that an option for your LMS to enable IPS to use the LMS as a login provider?

thank you. Great idea but unfortunately not available.
I am still a little unclear what ' we have an internal suggestion ' above means - sounds like it might be coming ...

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