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How to remove name on header

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Hi there, I am using a theme and at the top there is the name of my community. I am not seeing a place to turn this off anywhere in the theme settings, so I am assuming this is a setting within the Invision backend. Any ideas on how to turn it off so that there is no text over the girl's face? Thank you!

Screenshot 12-10-2020 4-16-35 PM.png

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That's standard behaviour and isn't controlled by a setting.

The logo template is set up so that if there isn't a logo uploaded, the name of the community shows instead.

To make your name disappear, you could:

1) Add a logo.

2) Add the following to your custom CSS:

#elSiteTitle {
  display: none;

3) Edit the template logo in your theme.

Since editing templates isn't a good idea if you can avoid it, I wouldn't do that. Either of 1 or 2 will solve the problem.

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