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SD Sales Portal Pro

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As you may now Spanner, the creator of this app passed away on a motorcycle accident.

Since then IPB removed this from Marketplace.

My community rely on this as it is a major component for us.A month ago while i was preparing for 4.5 upgrade i saw that it was not available so i open a case with IPB.

It was pointed to me that the App was removed from market place but when i upgrade to 4.5.x i can update it via ACP/Marketplace integration.

So i upgraded today i tried to update SD Sales and failed, i opened a case and IPB replied that it is no longer available!This is totally unacceptable since it is an app bought via MArketplace and with a valid support till April 2021.

I do not want a new development or a bug fix, i simply want the latest tar updated in August which supports 4.5.x simple as that.


So please if anyone has it please send it to me.


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For those who might needed it.


I managed to find the SD Sales Portal Files on Spanner's website (IPSBeyond).

After that i faced again the serious bug while upgrading via acp marketplace as the code was trying to drop some tables that were dropped already.

I tried the 'manual upload' but i got a message in ACP that i cannot do that as the application is already installed (this must be fixed by IPB and we should have the old way available - just to add that some of the application updates failed as well due to marketplace timeouts based on ACP logs so the old traditional way (tar upload) should be available as an alternative.

Anyway back to the bug, since we can update apps only via the new APC/Marketplace integration i managed to solve this by modifying the php code of the app (since i got it from IPBeyond) but the tricky part was to overwrite the code that is downloaded when you press update in ACP before it starts the actual installation.....

The above was not only a bad customer experience on the Case handling part, but also revealed some issues need to be addressed with this new ACP/Marketplace integration.

I am still waiting for some follow up from IPB but noone has cared about....Note that i use IPB since 2002, and made my own forum since 2005, and as many of us have spend thousands of hours to make this better (ie i made the first ever translation of IPB in Greek,etc)


Really disappointing....

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