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Unlocking the threads by points / Earning Points by Activity

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I looked for some add on to have "points" in our forum. There is one plus a shop plug in but what I want is when you post a thread you gain points.. 

Plus, when you get positive reaction from others on your thread, or maybe also post, you earn again points. 1 Like you get means 1 point, for example.

What do you do with your points is, unlocking other threads: You can see their titles freely, browse through them but if you want to see what´s inside, you must pay with your (from your) points like 2 points (for example) per thread you unlock.

This can be applicable for other activities, too, maybe.. Like downloads, selling items, maybe even subscriptions, or other..

Points also should be bought via Credit Card and or PayPal or maybe even crypto??

Can anyone do this for me? I´m of course a paid customer, lisenced user of IC and ready for pay for this if needed, too.

or any recommendation from market place plugins, extras, combinations etc would be much appreciated for sure.

Thank you!

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