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Add "Remove" Action Events for the Invision App in Zapier

Chris Sajnog

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I'm very happy to see that Invision Community finally appeared inside Zapier's dashboard as an app. First of, I want to say congratulations and a big thanks to the Invision Community team! You've been working really hard to make this happen. Personally, I've been following the development for almost, if not a year now. It must've been a lot of work.

I have a function request. There are a lot of event options for "Create" but not "Remove". I'm particularly interested in creating a Zap that will remove users from Invision when they cancel their subscription from one of our services from another platform.


We use Inivision Community's services to host a private forum and we give access to it when people buy one of our subscriptions. Obviously we'd like to revoke access when they cancel their subscription with us also.

Were you already working on this? If not will you? If this will happen can you estimate an ETA?

Again, thank you for your great work!

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I'm interested too in this features. I consider that are basic for any subcription CMS.

I detect this necessary features:

  • Trigger for sub and unsub or change subscription plan with tags
  • Trigger on abandoned register process
  • Send First and Second Name fields separated

Any projected updates on this?

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Hello and thanks for adding Zapier to self-hosted.

Currently Imvision Power has several tiggers but from my point of view there are some missing that I consider interesting.

Tiggers sugestions:

  • Promote content (When a content is promoted)
  • Clubs (tiggers related with clubs: new club, new club member, ...)
  • Topic solved (when topic is marked as solved)
  • Topic pinned (When topic is pinned)
  • Topic featured (When topic is marked as solved)


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