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Sad compatibility Marketplace with 4.5+

Yaroslav Brovin

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The first let me say thanks for your really great product. I really like it.

I'm your client, and soon I should prolongate subscription period. However, the compatibility plugins with new 4.5 IPBoard is bad for me. When I bought subscription I build solution on 4.4 version and of the payment plugin in your marketplace. Now, I have active subscription and I still cannot migrate on 4.5 for several monthes, because developers in your marketplace don't update their payment plugins for Nexus and 4.5.  And of course I can't influence them in any way. Why 4.5 has not been made of some mechanism for backward compatibility for these plugins? For example, at least this backward compatibility way can ask administrator about special permission from admin side for working, if you take care about forum security.

At this moment, I have active subscription, but I' continue sitting on 4.4 version in waiting of blessing external developers, who should update their plugins.

Thank you,

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The 4.5 version had a "lot" of changes, deletions and additional functionality added. This nescitated a great deal of changes to the code base.  Some of it obvious and some not so obvious to third party developers. The vast majority of developers have full-time jobs and as such can devote only a limited time each week on their apps. If we want more timely app updates we would need to collectively pay "much" more for apps and updates to entice developers to code full-time for the marketplace. As folks complain quite loudly that the prices charged now are too high I don't expect things to change. 

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3 hours ago, aXenDev said:

What resources do you need?

I'm interesting in payment module for Russian Robokassa (it's a special payment aggregator). At this moment there are two available plugins for 4.4:

  1. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9356-robokassa-payment-gateway/
  2. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7658-robokassa-payment-gateway/

And there are no any updates for a while. I'm ready to pay for upgrade plugin. Any good work should be rewarded. But @aXenDev pointed at a good reason. Most developers do plugins in their free time. And maybe they don't have any incentives to update their plugins for economic reasons.

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