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On 11/17/2020 at 5:03 PM, kmk said:

There any way that let member send mail to specific forum, then it convert automatically a topic?

This will help much to connect with so many old school email users.

There is. I used it a few years ago.

I used a service called email to rss, and then converted the email-rss to topics via rss import. It worked out nice.

I registred that email adress on a lot of websites to receive bargains, and everytime the shops had a sale email - a topic was created. 

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I support this feature.  

There would be a material and marked increase in activity.  


I've studied this across my members: 

1. There are a LOT of non-active / lurker members who get email notifications.  

2. Many of these members already try to reply by email.  I know, because I get all of these orphaned emails as webmaster.  

3. Nobody wants to visit Yet-Another-Website when all of the activity flows through your email platform anyways.  

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