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CSS to Change Page Backgrounds Globally

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Hello everyone,

We use hosted IPS cloud solution. I'd like for my background to be a separate setting from page background color, but they are set in the same setting in the cp admin theme editor. 

Would someone be willing to provide me css code to make all page backgrounds (but not the entire background) white?

See site below: https://www.varanormal.com

Want page background to be white (just like this post here!) but the area outside of the page to be a light gray  (just like we see it here, and just like it is set in posts)

Thanks in advance!!


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Thank you. 

However, I am just trying to get it to look like the rest of the site. By default I can control the color of post backgrounds against a page background color. 

Goal: a page or article or widget with a white body background against a gray page background (global)

Is there any way to do that?

below is how rest of site is. 

second screenshot is what I see instead.

of course, in example below it is a wysiwyg widget (yellow is highlighted where I wish it was white) so I'm kind of leading you off track. But my goal is all pages, widgets, or articles should all have white background - just like posts do!   https://www.varanormal.com/

Kinda surprised developers didn't think of this and have it built into the front-end colors. They do have page color, but thats everything across the board. 

Thank you so much for your time 🙂







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