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(NE) Topic Summary - Images Controls

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  • Plugin which allows a little extra control over the 'Posted Images' section of the Topic Summary
  • IPS default behaviour is to show up to the first 4 images posted in a topic
  • Plugin allows you to
    • increase or decrease the number of images shown (IPS default is 4 images total)
    • randomise the images which are displayed

Pending approval at this time

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5 minutes ago, jair101 said:

Will there be any performance issues if we enable the random setting on a topic with thousands of images?

For reference, the Topic Summary itself fetches an array containing ALL the information about the images in a topic (not the images themselves, just the information about them) and then they slice the top 4 (the first 4) out of that array to then process for display. I randomise the array that they initially fetch, and I've written it in a way that shouldn't cause any major issues (you can see the method I've used here) - however I haven't tested with thousands of images (just a few hundred, at this time).

Keep in mind: if the number of images to display is increased from the default 4, then obviously that increases the content that then has to be displayed in the browser.


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