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Shout Out to IPB Support Team

Allen Bradford

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I’m a Luddite...62 years old and retired from a career in Commercial Art; specifically graphic design. No industry went digital as fast and as completely as the graphic design field. We went from building mechanicals on drafting tables to using computers and Software overnight, starting in the mid 80’s. I developed a severe case of Upgrade PTSD. Back then every upgrade or update of OS, and design software, was wrought with issues. Files wouldn’t open, fonts wouldn’t work, it was always a cluster, and work flow was impacted. We learned to hate Upgrades,

So, in addition to living in the woods of a Maine with extremely glitchy DSL “high speed” internet at a whopping 7 mbps...that’s not a typo. I put off IPB Upgrades and typically ask Support to perform even the most minor ones.

Recently I found myself 15 Upgrades behind...with no SSL Certificate...and my Board of 19 years...again not a typo...(I launched my Discussion Community back in 2002 on Ikonboard) was experiencing all sorts of errors and issues. 

I finally contacted Support, and they were responsive and professional and they resolved the SSL Security situation, and the Upgrade(s), and moved my Board to the new Cloud II Server. There are some minor Member issues to work out, and I’m becoming accustomed to the new features, look and functionality, but generally things on Board are snappy and going well. 

For someone who isn’t as fluid as many here with the backend of the IPB Suites and Software, and suffers from Upgrade and Digital PTSD,  having the Support team on call is a huge relief. I’m not putting off Upgrades any longer...I promise.

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Was lucky to get 4meg in the countryside until BT finally decided to install new connection cabinets. Was a nightmare being on ADSL, then 4meg and finally got to 10meg. 

Couple years back we got a big upgrade and got 40meg! God knows how managed on ADSL for so many years.

@Brad Eden good to see that IPS was able to help. Great reading old stories like this too!

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