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How to deal with a 500 error with no Admin access???

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"Malformed communication packet" is a good clue (that message is coming from MySQL): https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/102567/sql-error-2027-malformed-packet

For 500 server errors, you'll likely be wanting to look at the various logs maintained by your web server (apache, nginx, etc.), php error logs (enable them temporariliy if you have them disabled), your MySQL logs, and your general server logs (system/messages/etc.). Reviewing these for errors will give you clues as to root causes.

8 hours ago, AnonymousDev said:

I can't find any recent errors in the log unless it's not displaying correctly (it's a huge file).

Use command line tools like tail, less, and grep to find relevant entries in text log files. You typically can only look at the most recent entries, which tail, piped into less would be a great start.

Type "man <command>" to read the documentation.

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50 minutes ago, PureBerry PureBerry said:

How did you update your PHP?

Hey @PureBerry PureBerry

I am running my site on a VPS and don't have huge server knowledge by any means so I opt for the WHM interface over command line.

In WHM I went to Software >Easy Apache 4 and then installed PHP 7.4. Once that was done I deleted my older PHP version.

Let us know if that helps, perhaps you are upgrading with a different method.

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