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How to change the width of the Spoiler? Are titles possible?

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As title says, is it possible to change the size of only the closed spoiler without altering the size of when they are open?

I'll make you an example, the point is that it doesn't take the whole line (which makes it ugly).


As you can see, this is pretty much the size I would like the spoiler to have when closed. This is about 200px but I can change the size in the future, as this is an example.

However, I would like the change to be only when closed, while when the spoiler is open it should have the normal size.

If I try this, it feels like the whole content inside is super small as well, as you can see from here:


Is there a way that make it possible?


2. What about Titles? Is it possible to add a system to implement titles into spoilers?


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