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    • By Hisashi

      Can anyone tell me if there is a way to do something like the articles without being tags?
    • By Sonya*
      We can use database relationship fields to display references to other databases inside the record. And we can enable Cross link records? to show the records in the remote database related to a given record. Right now, it is just a link. It would be very helpful to get a third display option for those fields.

      This way we could use custom format for the reciprocal view. We could use record image, truncated record content or any other fields to control display of crossed-link record in the remote database.
    • By Sonya*
      Hi, I do not see a way to copy/create an alternative database template for Category Articles.

      My database has no categories and is set to Show records like articles. When I create a new database template, what this should be based to start with default Category Articles?
    • By livegames.co.il
      Each reply is in my form log and shows a timestamp above every post.
      My problem is that reply  under 24 hours, showing the short format and not complete timestamp.
      For example, ' 3 hours ago' or '3 minuet's ago'.
      How can I change it to always load the full date and time format? 
      like 25/11/21 02:35 PM ( it showing it like that only for a post that past 24 hours) 
      Many thanks! 
      Before 24 Hours

      After 24 Hoers

    • By Owdy
      I use pages, and database page is site default page. I dont know what happend, but suddenly database stopped use that template what was confugured. And i dont even find anymore how to change that template.

      This is what it should use:

      But that isnt in here anymore

      What happend?
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