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Hello everyone,

I would like to be able to filter forums by tags and have the possibility to create a new Page and show forum categories based on those tags. Anyone can help?

I will have a forum with hundreds of categories and discussion groups. The forum will deal with the analysis of hundreds of american stocks. Each stock will have its own discussion channel where trading ideas are discussed. So far so good. 

Let me explain it using an example.

  • There will be dozens of discussion groups under D-E-F stocks, the same for A-B-C
  • The thing is that each stock belongs to a certain SECTOR and INDUSTRY
  • I need to be able to add those sectors and industries to each stock discussion group or any discussion and then be able to create a new page and display a list of all the discussion groups with a certain sector or industry. Maybe a custom TAG system could be used
  • If the sector and industry is enabled for a certain forum, then it should be displayed under the description. See attachment below
  • When the Sector or Industry is clicked, it should take the user to a PAGE where it will display all the forums (discussion groups, etc) for that specific sector or category



Maybe creating a plugin that would allow tagging the forums forums would be the way to go. Then the option to create a page that would show all discussion groups categories and channels with tag sector or industry specific in the tag. That would be best way, tagging forums and discussion groups.

  • I should be able to create a new page and filter the forums by any of these new categories (sector and industry). 
  • When adding a new page I should be able to drag a new block and select the categories. So that I can end up with a new forum page that displays all the stocks that belong to a certain category and sector. Any of the two or both at the same time.
  • It will create a new on-the-fly list of forums that contain certain sector and industry or any other custom category that we decide to choose

See attachment below



Once I've chosen the categories I want to filter the forums with. The newly create page should display something like the screenshot below...


What do I want to achieve with this?

  • Avoid duplicating hundreds of forums and discussion groups. Because Facebook stock or NetFlix stock will be under American Stocks category, then under D-E-F
  • If I don't create this function I will have to create another forum category called Communication Sector and add Facebook and dozens more. It will be duplicated content and redirection. If only there were a few stocks, but there will be hundreds
  • I need then a way to tell every forum if it belongs to a specific SECTOR or INDUSTRY and be able to create a page that has a custom block that will let me filter all the forums that contain a certain sector/industry or any other custom category that I've decided to add
  • This will give me a much more flexible way of doing what I need and the possibility to create dozens of sectors and industries on the fly without duplicating hundreds of forums

Currently I am using the custom TAG filter to create a page that shows me all the topics containing a certain tag. It's more or less what I want but I need this to work on forums as well. This function is only possible for Forum topics.



There are many industries and sectors.... So I want little by little filter all the stocks by those fields and create a page for every one of them... See below a screenshot of some of the stock industries I would like to create a page with all forums that have that specific category added to it.

Imagine I've added 30 stocks airlines in different forum categories... American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, etc.... Each stock belongs to a certain forum category.... L-M-N then A-B-C for British Airways, etc. I need to have a custom page that is called AIRLINES and inside of it the custom tool will display all the stocks that belong to the Airline industry and/or a specific sector in the airline industry. Because Boeing and Airbus are not airlines but they are in the Aerospace sector building aircrafts.


Hope I could explain myself correctly and what I need.

Thanks a lot 

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