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    • By Square Wheels
      I put ibn a ticket a long time ago.  I was waiting for support to release a fix for the sites loading very slow.  That came out and seemed to fix things until the current release.  It just took over two minutes for my unread content to load.  This is happening again on all three sites, the only change is the current release.
    • By Michael.J
      This plugin speeds up load times by replacing supported video embeds (YouTube) with preview images. Users can then view the video by clicking the preview image and the embed will load like normal via javascript.
      v1 Features:
      Speeds up page load times by preventing multiple video embeds from loading. Works in the background on page load and regardless if javascript enabled browser or not. Fall back code in place for non javascript browsers. User will simply be redirected to the videos page. Clicking the preview image will automatically load the video embed again through javascript. Choose which forums will support lazy loading of videos. Choose which member groups will have videos lazy loaded. Currently supported video sites: YouTube
      We're trying to embed a vimeo video (using the embed code) into a forum message but it's not displaying. Even when we use code, we've also tried various types of languages as well as adding html tags before the iframe, but nothing seems to work.
      Any ideas?
    • By Mark Round
      Hi, the mobile menu doesn’t work on viewing your own profile on this site using iPhone 11 chrome browser . I haven’t tested any other browsers . It works fine in the forums . It’s a bit of a pain to be honest having to navigate to another page to open the slide out menu.
    • By Chris Anderson
      For months now I seem to have to login twice before I can finally get access to the site.
      I visit invisioncommunity.com and login via existing customer.  I get the following error:

      After a long wait, I get the following error:

      Restarting the login process usually gets me access to the site.  Running Microsoft Edge with "Basic" tracking enabled.
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