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  • 2 years later...

Finally, I launched MarketPlace at valacoding.com.

On this site, as a buyer, you can order products and install/update them directly in your ACP as before you did in IPS Marketplace!! 🙂 . In addition, if a new version of the apps is released, they will be displayed in the ACP just like the IPS apps and you will be informed about new released versions.

All clients who have purchased my products must register on the site and send me info about the products (product name, order code provided by IPS) and the username registered on the valacoding.com site so i can update them.

for example :
-Laxeri theme
-Menu plus

Note:  users who have already purchased products through IPS do not need to register a new order for those products. they just need send us the information that i mentioned above


As a seller, you can submit your products and enter the product link to your site.


if you have any question, just PM me 

Please send any comments to my email address or PM. I welcome and will definitely check it out.

Best Regards
M. Vala (ReyDev)


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